What's happening at Harrow Striders?

27th of March 2019 04:31 PM Link
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27th of March 2019 04:31 PM Link
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16th of March 2019 05:34 AM Link
Why restart your Nordic Walking Journey with us and join up for a refresher Harrow Parks
27th of February 2019 02:30 PM Link
Free taster and new Learn to Nordic Walk courses coming up in March. Time to step back into fitness.
5th of December 2018 05:06 PM Link
If your keen to take the first step why not find out more ?
1st of December 2018 08:35 AM Link
Proud to be lacing up our walking boots with @stonewalluk @rainbowlaces to promote inclusion and love ❤️
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21st of November 2018 05:55 AM Link
Just in case you need a reminder of the benefits of Nordic Walking !
20th of November 2018 09:25 PM Link
Do you make time for a walk every week?
17th of November 2018 08:51 AM Link
Saturday Adventure walks in sunny Stanmore #nordicwalking
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4th of November 2018 08:24 AM Link
Why not target our 10KM winter workout walk as part of your goals this autumn ? Join up for a fun 10KM walk and maybe we can finish with a drink in The Hare ? Harrow Parks Harrow Council
30th of October 2018 05:24 AM Link
Walk time opportunity this week on Thursday at 11.30 for all Nordic Walkers - why not come and join us? Harrow Parks
28th of October 2018 05:51 AM Link
Why not join us for our last Learn to Course of 2018? - Find out whats so special about Nordic Walking in Harrow Harrow Parks Harrow Weald RC Harrow Council Harrow Leisure Centre
24th of October 2018 05:00 PM Link
Please take a look and support friends Harrow Parks Harrow Nature Conservation Forum
30th of September 2018 07:22 AM Link
Thank you @saracensofficial for allowing fans to speak and see your players after a fantastic game against @bathrugby @owenfaz @sean_maitland you made @susancollen @g.collz09 day #togethersaracens
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26th of September 2018 09:30 PM Link
Are you taking full advantage on National Fitness Day Friends ?
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21st of September 2018 04:15 AM Link
Why not try a new activity out to celebrate National Fitness Day and joining us in our outdoor Gym Harrow Parks Harrow Council Gyms join forces for #NationalFitnessDay
16th of September 2018 05:44 AM Link
Out with a lovely group of nordic walkers on the 3hr Church Knowle to Kimmeridge Valley Loop Nordic Walking UK thanks to Peter and Emma for the fabulous support #purplebeck
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14th of September 2018 06:35 PM Link
Fish and chips by the bay on a Friday night #romantic #local #wellbeing
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14th of September 2018 05:24 PM
Checking in for the Nordic Walking Festival weekend
14th of September 2018 04:29 AM Link
Looking to get involved in National Fitness Day why not join us Harrow Parks and the @friendsofchandos for a free taster Harrow Council Harrow Health Matters Friends of Canons Park #nordicwalking
11th of September 2018 04:51 PM
Evening adventure walk time
9th of September 2018 05:03 AM Link
Morning friends let’s support you on your Nordic First Step #nordicwalking
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8th of September 2018 07:54 AM
Saturday Adventure Walk and Fast Track Course in Stanmore
7th of September 2018 04:18 AM Link
Why not join us for a Free Taster on Saturday morning in Stanmore to take the first step in your Nordic Walking journey Harrow Parks Harrow Council
6th of September 2018 05:29 PM
Evening wet walkout
6th of September 2018 04:36 PM Link
Why not join us on Saturday in Stanmore for a Free Taster session to find out how?
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5th of September 2018 06:23 AM Link
Morning Nordic Walking in Harrow #wellbeing #nordicwalking #exercise
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2nd of September 2018 05:03 PM Link
Worth a look Friends ?
31st of August 2018 04:43 AM Link
Why not join us in Ruislip Ordnance Survey to get outside this september ? Harrow Parks
30th of August 2018 06:16 AM Link
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